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English | 繁體 | 简体 provides investors with the latest information in Hong Kong-listed companies, including financial reports, corporate announcements, news and press releases, announcement alerts, investor presentations, and more. This channel is not only for listed companies to communicate with potential investors, but has also become a platform for professional services companies, fund houses, brokerage firms and the entire investment community to acquire first-hand information.

To leverage this communications channel, TonghaiIR is launching its TonghaiIR Directory service, which serves as a platform for financial service providers of all kinds to reach each other. It is a user-friendly, very targeted platform for companies searching for service providers and for service providers to reach companies at the time when prospective customers and clients are actively looking for information about specific services. TonghaiIR Directory is an effective and cost-efficient way to generate new business in a professional and proactive manner.
TonghaiIR Directory provides services for the following 5 categories:
  • Financial PR Agencies
  • Financial Printers
  • Fund Houses
  • Securities Firms
  • Venture Capital
  • For listing in the TonghaiIR Directory please call +852 2217 2753 during office hour or email to
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